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Computer Consulting [Definition]: Is an umbrella term describing the entire field of consulting relating to technolgy; covering internet, hardware and software. Historically a true "consultant" does none of the implementation but the term has evolved to include consultants that recommend and consultants that recommend/implement.

Expect rates for professional computer consulting service to vary nationally. Average computer consulting rates, depending on the service provided and city, range from $75/hour to $500+/hour.

Computer consulting includes these categories:
- IT Consulting
 * Security Consulting
 * Small Business Consulting
 * Internal/Exteral Technology Audit Consulting
 * Internet Consulting
 * Data Management
 * ASP (application service provider)
- Internet Marketing/SEO
- Web Design
- Software/Application Development
- CRM (examples: ACT!, Goldmine, SugarCRM) Consultant
- Sales (technology) Consultant
- Data Recovery
- Network Copier, Printer, Scanner Consultants.

Consulting firms typically find success in a niche. The small to mid-size consulting firms, who service small to mid-size clients, discovered success is depended upon good PR skills and developing a wide range of computer consulting skills due to the small [budget] size of the technology projects that come from small to mid-size firms. On the other hand, the larger a client grows, the consulting requirements become increasingly segmented and specialized. Expect to see the highest hourly rates in this market segment.

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